Keep The House Warm & The Lamp Lit
In the scope of the all the comings and goings in our wee office there is a sense of community starting to build. Which is great. It seems like the home fires are starting to glow hot and the embers warm.

Of course, it begins to illuminate certain aspects of the other places I want the home fires to be burning, but where they are cold.

I’ve been thinking lately about the church of the future. I’m torn in two directions currently. One part of my brain is working really hard to figure out how to dissect our current youth and young adult community and immerse it’s roots back into a ‘one church, one people’ model. The other part of my brain is enchanted by the romance (and none of the reality) of a selfish young adult church that simply starts by meeting for dinner once a week, sharing prayers and stories with one another and seeing where it goes from there. Open invite, outward focussed, relationship based.

I’m just not sure which way to go, but I find my thoughts and headspace circling around it a lot. After all, I’m not alone in my sense of frustration and dissastifaction with the current situation and I’m not responsible for creating or resolving the situation at Windsor. Without that responsibility or opportunity, it becomes a difficult place to be – because with the exception of a few relationships – my own internal community function is less that 50%.

I really do know deep down that the former is more like God’s flavour. But getting there will be hard work.