Integrity> closely related to integrated

“and where you go may angels watch over you and walk the same road ahead and behind of you all the time you wait and you watch and you seek out the beautiful and the hopeless in misery all the days you watch….

and where you may angels watch over you and walk the same road and bring you home on the straight line and let you walk it wise with your heart wide open never broken or beaten may you find the beautiful in surprised disguise… “

If there was one thing I would ask for more of in my life right — it would be Integrity. I so badly want to have integrity in every inch of my being. It’s more than character, but it’s the practice of my faith. It’s more than wisdom but the outpouring of the Spirit. Everywhere you find integrity you find something solid and truthful underneath.. and in the absence of it there is despair, hopelessness, false hope and quicksand.

More than having integrity, I want to be surrounded by integrity. Honesty and application have to live together for integrity to be at work in any life or any collection of lives.

It seems that the test is in integration. If you can hold all the pieces and threads of your life together in the one place without too much shame or discomfort, and with honesty and openness about each piece and how they interweave together, then I think you’re doing ok. But if integration never happens, and all these pieces live separate from each other – then something must be amiss..

God designed us as integrated beings, within ourselves, between Us and God, between a man and a woman, between parents and children – an integration of beings and lives together.

Do not cast me into the shadowlands of your existence, nor into the darkness that never sees the light of day. For I’ve upheld you into the sunlight of my life and connected you to the thread of lifeblood in my world.