I’m So Sorry For My Own Sake

I’ve been busy. Sorry. Running a two person business on your own is pretty much an intense all consuming experience. I think that I’m getting an ulcer as a result. And I’ve begun to notice some disturbing habits emerging – dark moods, endless tiredness, my body responding in different ways to normal.

I’ve been thinking so much about so many things. .. so look forward to posts on these topics in the coming days..

1. Young Adult ministry and practice
2. Youth Ministry cultural shifts

Also – I’m going to try not to pepper too much of my thinking with the unbearable sadness of last weekend’s trip to the hip church of the moment. It was sickening to walk into a room filled with people who 6 months ago were part of other churches .. one place, filled with that many young adults on a mission to ‘find themselves’ .. and ending up in a comfortably padded room of “you’re ok, I’m ok, God’s ok” is devastating. Obviously – i don’t have super clear thoughts on it myself, especially as another young adult has just left Windsor to join other friends there.

This is exactly the same pattern as what happened with another urban city church 8 years ago. Where can this be heading? I’m in love with the Body of Christ. I’m despairing of a generation of Christ-followers that ought to know better about the heart of Jesus in community. Where it comes from, how it makes a difference. Where has the selfless generation of young people gone .. those that wanted to live to make a difference, who wanted to give everything to a goal outside of their own necessity?

Ugh. Yup, lots of sadness around me at the moment.

In other news. I went to see a life coach which wasn’t necessarily an illuminating experience, but it was at least a positive one. I’ve decided that it’s going to be ok to let go of things I’ve been holding on, that have been holding on to me as well. Exactly how one goes about doing that I’m not sure – but I have a hope for the future that is vibrant and real.. so I’ll come holding on to that for sure.

Here’s to God at work in the places He is – and your Journey to join him.
(hattip to Tony Campolo courtsey of Marko)