honestly now — safety’s just danger, out of place

this lyric from harry connick jr.’s album ‘she’ has haunted me for years now…

the concept of truth telling is so important.. truth in all it’s forms.

truth told

truth demonstrated

truth disclosed

what does it mean to live a true life?

a life true to it’s purpose, true to itself, true to the lives around it?

this is the kinda life i want to live.

that we need to live with each other.

the joy of relationship is the intimacy & security of being free and willing to live in complete disclosure. honesty is as much in what you don’t hide, as much as what you say.

Somewhere Now Falling Through Space.

somewhere now falling through space
is the breath i will breathe
in the moment you pass into the room
and the sigh i’ll exhale as you go by

falling through space the light
that will rest in my eyes three weeks from now
from the moon to the sea at the end of the jetty
and the sunset glow that will make us

climbing into starlight
the moments we’ll hold on to as definitions
and glass balustrades holding our
fragmented selves together in salvation