I Was Tagged ..and I missed it for 4 days

sorry steve .. you tagged me and I’ve missed it for a couple of days but thanks for the traffic.

5 Things.. you probably don’t know about me..

1. i occasionally enjoy cigars especially when served with 12 year old malt. i enjoy 12 year old malt on a regular basis.

2. i wanted to be a fighter pilot for the US Navy for a period of 3 years as a teenager. i also wanted to be a lawyer, a politician and a photo-journalist. i think i’m closest to being a photo-journalist.

3. i’m not a feminist or a liberalist.

4. i’m far more committed to church as a community concept than what I would be if i was in it for the enjoyment factor.

5. i am way more involved in mainstream pop culture than is cool and relentlessly rely on my much hipper and cooler non-theologian/non-blogger friends to keep me in touch with what is cool.

i tag…. Danielle (somewhere en route to the USA), Marko; Stu