Feeling It In All The Spaces

i have this one friend and a bunch of the times that we talk together
there is one conversation happening on the outside and another, entirely different conversation happening on the inside…

and what i keep wondering is whether or not you have any idea of what i’m talking about because you only hear half the sentences, but you keep hanging out with me so ok. that’s cool.

if i was going to tell you the truth i would say this. scott cleary is very cool.

and then i would go on to tell you about changing the world and making everything simpler and easier and smoother – where everyone feels like summer driving down the pacific coast highway in a cadillac riding low and smooth. that’s going to be a great great day. i can’t wait til we live there in that simpler place.

feeling it in all the spaces
i’m making up for missing out before
i’m taking back the armies i sent in search
of your borders, i’m surrendering

closing up the aching wounds that
hang around like ghost in deserted towns
packing up the sorrows in the attic
welling up, i’m surrendering

filling up the silence of my heartsong
lighting up the darkness of my room
stripping out the sadness of my old
vocabulary, i’m surrendering

i think i found a new way home tonight
i think i found a different path than where we’ve been before
i think i found a new road to your doorway and i’m
waiting til you open the door, put on a light for me
i’m coming home to surrender

taking all the backroads one last time
thinking all the thoughts so i can say goodbye
i’ve packed yesterday in boxes and driven them away
i’m asking you to stay, i’m surrendering

and your light is just as radiant now
as it has ever been and even when before
i used to be so scared of how honest you could be
now I’m craving the rush of your truth in me
how i’m surrendering the darkness, the sadness of me