Telecom Goes The Extra Mile

On my trip to New Plymouth, I lost my cellphone in a tragic drowning accident. It ended it’s short life in a 3cm deep pool of red Powerade. It couldn’t be recovered, which meant that I needed to get a new phone.

About 7 days after I got the new device and had frantically tried to find as many of the 350 numbers I lost on the old one; I received a call from Telecom Customer Service.

They checked all my details and then informed me that the call would be recorded and monitored for quality control and training purposes. I said sure, and proceeded to let them know that I was happy with the service I’d received from the in-store salesperson.

About 7 days after that followup call; I received another followup call this morning, from a customer survey company that is doing some reporting for Telecom. Precisely speaking, they have a company conducting customer feedback on the department of Telecom that calls people surveying customer feedback.

Yup. One day if you ever find me at the reigns of a corporate monster like that, I will laugh in the face of such ridiculous things.