daybreak night shade
raw and holy

pure nakedness before a throne
of empty sky

searching starlit galaxy for
a King who would embrace me

now, expectant through my veins
earth water moonsky – in that Holy embrace

You’re making a Love
in my atmosphere for me to drink of

Who I Wanted Always To Be
I’m reflecting on some goals and outcomes I was aspiring to at the beginning of 2005. Here at the beginning of 2007, I find that most are still 100% relevant and true, even though the context of ‘ministry’ has changed slightly.
This is uber-encouraging in light of a friend’s questions yesterday over whether or not I had made the right decisions.
Personal Values: This is what turns me on
Þ People growing, developing
Þ Community growing, developing, starting
Þ Working with ideas, creating opportunities
Þ Watching, observing and creating culture/behaviours
Þ Strategic thinking, big goals, leadership
Þ Creative expressions; art, image, sound

Personal Outcomes in Ministry: These are roles I want to explore

Þ To be creative and creating on a conceptual and practical level
Þ To be relationally involved in mentoring, group leadership, up-side-down ministry
Þ To be strategic in thought and action, observant and culture aware in order
Þ To be a relevant culture prophet, shaping and building community life
Þ To be involved in areas of transition and integration with the youth community

This is where I want to be SHORT TERM
Leading visibly and establishing a leadership portfolio
Leading network ministries such as BYM Eastercamp

Working with my strategic and lateral thinking skills
Using my creativity
Developing new teams and new opportunities for people
Problem solving
Project launching

This is where I want to be LONG TERM

Leading in a strategic, relational regional or national role with youth/young adult networks of ministry and mission; (input and outreach) such as youth pastors, young adult pastors, student ministries, parachurch organizations.
Resourcing, supporting, encouraging and leading ministry and mission endeavours within those communities and networks.
Leading, resourcing, supporting, encouraging, training and opening doors for those working in the field.
On the cutting edge of church practice, policy, direction and vision.
Involved in the study/observation practices of ministry concepts and ideas; ie: further study, seminars, research.