There It Is

I passed a man with a beard on a bicycle the other day. He was lost, looking for a street just a couple of blocks away from where we were. He had a South American accent, and a beard that was groomed perfectly, too perfectly for a man so young.

I was standing at the traffic lights, waiting for the buzz. I could sense his anxiousness behind, and eventually he worked up the courage to ask me for directions. It was my pleasure to give them to him, and then I walked across the crossing. He rode past me on his bike and then promptly took a wrong turn.

Nevertheless, by the time I reached the next road I was crossing, there he came bicycling back, a smile and a wave as he passed me again. As far as random encounters go, I rather enjoyed it.

Life is a small series of random events at the moment, because everything else is connected to either business, church or Easter. And Easter is precious.

Today we have 2600 registrations and still counting. Ten days to go.