Let The Bells Go Ringing
It used to be that when you got engaged, you rushed out and booked venues, dressmakers and starting choosing china patterns. Seems more like these days before you even go couples shopping for the ring, you get yourself a joint email address. And that’s the way it goes.

Eastercamp 2007
It was an incredible 5 days. Find someone who went and get a story out of them. I’ll tell my stories later. I was glad to have Mic Duncan and Marko with us. Especially to have the whole Oestreicher family. They were a bunch of fun.

Responses & Altars
People are starting to let their comments about camp filter through – and the feedback about the ‘lack of response times’ is really interesting. There were actually plenty of responses, and the counselling room was opening just about every session.. so I’m not sure whether it’s the kids or the leaders who are bothered by the shift.

I have the most amazing team of people and my love for them is so large that I can barely express it. The heart and soul people of this team just blow me away, and I think that I am so blessed to walk amongst them.

Coming Home

i see the light rising over the hills
and I know that I’m getting closer
day by day to where I’m gonna be
and I know i’m still far from home
cos I wasn’t made for this place baby
I was just made for you

it’s an alien footprint on this land
and colourful sand flies through my hands
i remember the scent of summer and the
warmth the hands of my father the one time
he held me close to him, so far from home
cos I wasn’t made for this place baby
I was just made for you
home is just around the corner
in a year or two, sometime i’ll get back home

days crumble into night and I’m all for escaping
there’s no truth to the height of your passion
and the colour of treason you left me behind
the savagery of lovers when they push from the bed
cos I wasn’t made for this place baby
but i’m stuck here to be close to you

i wasn’t made for this place baby
my home is on a distant shore and i’m
not all that certain of how long it’ll be
before i’m home, before i’m free but I’m
pressing on to the truth, to the light and
I know i’m washing you clean, here..
while I’m stuck being close to you…