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The rules:

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LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
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Olivia (London, England)
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Danielle (Brisbane, Queensland, AU)

Tash (Auckland, NZ)

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.
1. Altezano – it’s a coffee joint more than anything else with a small select but perfectly urban menu of salads and all sorts of small joys. Before the diet, I really loved their version of the South American ‘churro’. Divine. The coffee is still excellent.

2. Circus Circus – oh, I like the trend of choosing places that have no websites! Circus Circus toutes itself as the greatest little cafe in the world. It truly does make the grade with some of the best coffee around (right, Dani?) and it’s hot menu plus sideboard cakes are fabulous. I particularly love the bagel stack with bacon, avocado and delicious field mushrooms.

3. The Lilypad – without a doubt the best eggs benedict on the southern side of the Bombay Hills, the Lilypad is an art gallery, garden and eatery located about 10mins south of Mystery Creek and slightly outside Cambridge. Their eggs bene is worth eating at anytime of the day, so conveniently it’s available anytime. And the location is to die for.

4. Kebab Stop. – Mt Eden Village is like a spiritual home, encased by De Postt for drinking, Circus Circus for coffee and Kebab Stop at the other end. They make the perfect kebab – warm and juicy without being greasy or overpowering, always fresh and so tasty. The best place to eat on the run, even til midnight and then shoot up Mt Eden for a city vista of lights and starlight. Probably the only place in Auckland that runs a cash till without eftpos. Perfect.

5. White. Almost enough said about this luxurious place on the Waterfront. The views and exquisite and the bills are more expensive than a month’s rent when dining for two. I’ve eaten here just once and every bite was as perfect as it needed to be. Obviously, not for the fainthearted by the combination of location, menu, service and guilt-ridden indulgence means it makes the list.

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This is the hard part…

Nurse Roni (Indianapolis, USA)

Actually I know plenty of people to send this to.. foodies unite!

Etnobofin (Oxford, UK)
Blake (Cambridge, UK)
Marko (San Diego, CA, USA) – will probably be too busy but is an out and out foodie, so deserves to be included!