Living Dangerously

Rodney Hide has just published a book called “My Year of Living Dangerously”, where he reflects on 12months of fitness turnaround and taking new risks and challenges.

Today has been a day of living dangerously – I pulled out in front of a truck this morning on my way out of Attwood Rd. I made a calculated judgement to nail my foot to the floor and my heart was left slightly in my mouth. Afterwards, I was a little concerned with how easily I decided to slide right close up on the knife edge.

Then this afternoon, I did it again, deliberating deciding to take the smaller gap than waiting for the truck to pass. I’m a little perplexed – because I wasn’t in any kind of hurry, so why did I so willingly push myself to the limits of safety?

I think I wanted to feel the rush of being on the edge – even in a small way, just to feel a little more alive. I liked the intensity of the moment – but I’m amazed I let myself go to that place.

Rodney’s book talks about living a little more dangerously every year, and every year after that. So maybe my inner self is recognising too much comfort and safety and not enough danger. Maybe it was Sam’s inescapable values-driven life on the edge lifestyle that made me envious and enthused.

I’m committed to life on the knife-edge .. in the uncomfortable place, because that is where everything happens – it’s the safest dangerous place to be.