Early Mornings, Wisdom More Than Knowledge
All those years ago when I worked in radio, I loved the early morning journey into the middle of the city. I loved waking before the rest of the city and surveying her peacefulness as she woke. I loved watching the dawn from the 11th floor of the Peace Tower.. sun sliding over the harbour and the traffic slowly snaking it’s way in and out of the city centre.

I love early mornings still, when I’m at Eastercamp and I unlock the doors to the sanctuary space, waiting for the youth leaders to pile in. I love the emptiness of the enormous room, but how home-like it feels. I love the mist and fog of an early Waikato morning like nothing else on this earth.

I love early mornings now, just because the birds that sit in the macrocarpa outside my window, on my window sill, in the olive trees and on my tin roof are full of song, and the dawn feels like a slow golden glow rising over the horizon into my kitchen window.

I love early mornings on Tuesdays, because I gather with precious Jesus-hungry teenagers and we dig into the Word. I just love it. I love them with such a joy because they are full of goodness and challenge and life.

What’s so great is that this group is in dogged pursuit of wisdom, not knowledge. The knowledge is empty, but they have hearts that crave wisdom. I am relearning the wonder of Proverbs 3:5 .. leaning NOT on our own understanding.

Tide Is Turning, The Sun Is About To Break Forth
The past couple of weeks have been really challenging. Tough times. But the sun is about to burst forth, and I’m looking forward to the feeling of the Sun’s rays on my face. I imagine this is sometimes what Peter would have felt like.. the constant ache of frustration and exhaustion.

I reckon Peter was probably much more of a thinker than what we traditionally give him credit for. Sure, he was a hot-head, but I can’t help but think that he pondered and mused on his actions, reactions and would’ve/could’ve equations. Methinks that’s when the dark shadows would have rolled in, self-doubt and anxiety would have shown themselves on his face.

Thankfully, me and Peter are standing on the shoreline together today, knowing that the sun is going to rise, bursting forth glorious light.