Supplied by Eugene Peterson

“All the persons of faith I know are sinners, doubters, uneven performers. We are secure not because we are sure of ourselves but because we trust that God is sure of us.”

This one true thing I can say of my life : that in it’s entirety, my life will always be a collection of great mistakes, small mercies, faithful dream-chasing and great comebacks.

In times of sorrow and confusion, I often return to the deep favourites.
Mike Yaconelli is my companion through this current journey, not because he comforts my grief, although his words are full of compassion – but because he reassures me of a Grace that is radical, beyond boundaries and refuses to make me the broken, the poor & the hurting. Regardless of my sorrows and struggles – I am not the least, I am still the rich young ruler, I am still the servant with talents. I am not the least or the last and so whatever processing I want to do in this place – I refuse to allow my suffering to be over-exaggerated in the light of present and true suffering in this world.

Also, Yaconelli’s words have proof about them. A life of messiness lived out loud and lived well, so that he gave freedom out of his own self, also messy, to others.

Four Nonprinciples of Spiritual Growth

1. Spiritual Growth Encompasses a Lifetime of Decisions
Nothing is over yet – in other words, growth doesn’t stop unless you stop choosing it. Sometimes your choices lead you forward, sideways, backwards.. all over. Deep, rich, textured layers.

2. Spiritual Growth Looks Different for Each of Us
I have my own pathway. So nothing is necessarily what it appears and the journey to the destination is just as likely to be as unique and personal as the final destination is. All of it is likely to take some if not all, by surprise.

3. Give God 60% (Or Give God 100% of Whatever % You Currently Have)
I’m not shaken in my faith, or questioning God in any of the current circumstances. I’m certainly wrestling with questions but not of Him. So today, maybe I only have a little bit to give, but I can give all of my little piece. I’m a widow with two coins.

4. Reluctant Growth Is Still Growth
Growth isn’t made up of spiritual star charts or memory verses. No matter how many Scriptures you can quote or how invested in your understanding of the Talmud you are – growth is where God is crafting you, not solely the application of spiritual disciplines.

Time And Silence
Time and silence have this thing they do together. They make a chasm that has no bottom to it. And there you are, standing right on the edge of it. Aware that any moment you may be falling and falling and falling, with no hope of recovery.