Dear God.
We are at the time of year where moments we have dreamed of, are coming
into sight.

We can imagine the joy of the sun on our faces as we hand in our final
assignments. As we sit our final exams and venture out into summer. As
business rushes towards the summer break and social commitments start to
pile up, Lord, help us to remember that You are with us.

As we prepare to be tested and examined.. examine us oh God, and let it be
that nothing in us saddens you. Help us to stay focused, although the haze
of knowledge and study sometimes makes us feel that we are suffocated.
Help us to be sensible as we start to get tired. Help us to remember to
sleep right and eat right, and do right, so that we honour Your name, in
the midst of everything.

As the end of the year draws close, Lord, we will endeavour to finish it
well, and celebrate with you when it comes. Be present in our families,
workplaces, schools and in our midst here – teach us to
celebrate with all the glory of God. Thank you for the sunshine, we have
seen it, and we believe that it is coming. Thank you for the salt of the
sea, and for these islands we call home. You have given us a paradise to
live in, so that we might be reminded of You constantly. Honour and praise
to You. Amen.