my soul’s only true satisfactin
i have tasted and seen the delights of this earth
wronged both man and God in my selfish pursuits
but i know now, as before i never could
only you love away the thirst

there is an ache that comes up from my womb
an empty throb that beats within my heart
a longing that is waiting, now for yo
in you i’m satisfied, in you i’m satisfied

i’ll be more than i ever could’ve been
in your cautious tender hands
in your strength that covers over me
you bring me dignity yet humble me

oh the innermost, the deep and softest parts
are only for your eyes to love
you cover me from my own nakedness
lend me your flesh to cover me
my satisfaction is the nearness of your love

the knowledge you have taken me wholly
and brought me into Love
there is an ache that rocks my deepest soul
there is a beat and echo through it all

there is a longing for my Saviour, a path
so sweet i’ll bear it all for it tells me i am yours
that my soul to you is cleaved