….what is as what is, knowing that what is could change
but in the present hasn’t changed, therefore Is.

….pain like i know, is the beauty and art of life, the depth being carved out in my soul.

….three things that can appear endless: possiblity, opportunity and truth, are in fact, finite. don’t miss out on me, please.

Lord, it was already dark by the time it was 4pm you know. I think I am most tired of seeing people end up being less than they could be, everywhere.. and i keep thinking – if only you saw the spark of Elohim I see in you.. you would know you were worth more than that.. and it would let you be more of who you are.

The Generation Game
I’m pondering since conversations with the interim senior pastor, recent demographic directions in our evening gatherings .. the disparity between what the term ‘seeker-friendly’ means to the Boomer, Po-Mo and Millenial generations.

My hypothesis is that whilst distinct definitions and boundaries for good practice could be easily formulated within each one (where boomer[R] and po-mo[L] are perhaps forming the outer poles of a spectrum where millenial is slightly center-left), thereis such a leap between the expectations of what a boomer-seeker and a millenial-seeker are, let alone their pathways to that place.. that there is a certain requirement for us to clear the decks and start again.

I am not sure that there are pathways for integrating congregations that have been separate in any way that appeases all or any. All three are theologically dissatisfactory to me in some way, but all encounter people who are genuinely seeking.

When do we start over with the simple things? Take me out to the desert.