“Funny huh, that when the direction becomes clear, the path seems muddy. it always seemed as though the problem was getting my head around whether youth ministry was where I wanted to go. Now that I figured out the answer was yes, i wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to get there.” – Tash McGill, 7 June, 2002.

Oh I live in a land of regrets
oh there are a few but mostly i forget
the names, the places
it’s just the feelings I remember
and the look in your eyes
of complete surprise, I always took you by surprise

Parachute 08
Parachute festival was its usual malachy of 3 days covered in dust, music and good times. I was helping out a little in the artist liaison team, as well as programming. A number of bands had issues with itinerary planning, communication and luggage. Namely, instruments not turning up, or getting there just in the nick of time. It was a great pleasure to meet a couple of bands from across the ditch, namely my new good friends Mark The Sky and Modern Joy.

I thought that a couple of a venues lacked real personality, and the headliners really failed to grab me but music is about the people as much as it is about anything else and the connections that get made between folks from all around th world are really precious.

Thankfully the installation that we have been working on for World Vision went really well, including an interview with Parachute Band. It was so good to put on my radio shoes again.

Things are in full swing and now we get to look forward to pulling it all together. I’m delighted with progress.