We are about to be leaping into bright horizons and future growth stuff. Exciting, terrifying times. Eastercamp is into full swing, Parachute is next week. I’ve still got 13 kilos to lose in 9 weeks. I’ve been on diet holiday for a few weeks but all that is over now, it’s time to finish this Esther year.

Tonight driving home, all of a sudden I came across a line of road cones blocking the road. Someone’s idea of a funny joke, which was entertaining.

Tonight prior to driving home, I was at music practice. There is a sense to which I love and hate being a volunteer. I’m glad that I have a lot of life left, so that maybe one day, I will have enough hours to do all the things I feel like I want to.

It’s hard work playing for the morning team, because they all work like individuals. There’s no team, no making of music together, just a collection of parts. It’s not really music, just a sound generator.