Time to prepare: 15 min

Ingredients – salmon fillet, zucchini, whole grain mustard, lemon (cream & fresh garlic, optional).

Easy to prepare with just a pan and good knife skills or a new favourite kitchen gadget, this will be a favourite weeknight supper. You can easily make this dish for one or four, simply increase the number of fillets and allow one medium size zucchini per person.

  1. Salmon, in the pan. Heat the pan to medium (I prefer a heavy case steel plan), melting a knob of butter and splash of oil. Place the fillets skin down and let cook for 4-5 min for an one inch thick fillet.
  2. Zucchini, into ribbons. Using either a spiralizer, mandolin or a sharp knife, prepare your zucchini into ribbons or noodles. Very fashionable food, right on trend. I love this one from The Home Store. It has two cutting widths and even deals with tougher carrots and hard vegetables which is great for making homemade pickled vegetables and garnishes.
  3. Swap the salmon for the zucchini. Let the salmon rest momentarily out of the pan while you place the zucchini in the pan with a tablespoon of whole grain mustard. Gently cook for one minute. If you like garlic, now’s true time to add a freshly crushed bulb. If you like cream, add a splash. Otherwise, add an extra tablespoon of butter or extra virgin olive oil. It should make just enough sauce to coat the vegetable. Stir til combined, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  4. Put it back together. Push the zucchini to the edge of the pan and place the salmon skin up in the centre of the pan. Squeeze half a fresh lemon over the pan – half a lemon per two fillets. The sauce should gently bubble. Leave to cook for three minutes, then take the pan off the heat but leave to rest for 3 min.
  5. Plate up, using a shallow bowl. You can use a large carving fork to twist the noodles or just tongs to make a nest in the centre of the bowl. Place the salmon skin up, nestled on top of the zucchini. If you have fresh parsley or dill, roughly chop and sprinkle on top. Enjoy.

Will also keep well overnight for lunchtime leftovers the next day.