it takes a long time to love
cos love is a creeping vine
entangles and entwines you
and it likes to take it’s time
gets deeper with each winter
each sorrowed autumn drought
and the spring rains in September
they give seed to love itself

when first you thought you ever knew him
and years before you did
there were glimmers in the heart, before the loving ever starts

just a whisper you belong here
safe within his strong heart arms
and the chuckle of surrender along a girlish tender laugh

when first i knew you love was hurried
a faint and grand idea but it’s settled on my secret heart
your name, and love has grown there
five long summers in six years, broken dreams along the way
whilst i thought once had loved so truly
our true love grew on the way

call me home within that strong heart
where I’ve shared some sorrows too
and the joy of our long love dear, is what brings me home to you.
and when i’m far from you remember just how deep this love has grown
i am yours now, all entangled and your strong heart is my own.

it takes a long time to love
love likes to take it’s time
might take an hour every day for six years in a row
might take a full moon and a promise when love starts to grow
leave time love, for the fighting, for wounds to heal a mite
and the love gets better for the depths of it, the loving’s better for the scars

keep a picture of the heart in envy
take one in ecstasy, and let them both live in the memory
so you see what love can be

take me home into that strong heart,
to the only home I know
and make me laugh dear, with the memories
of the long road home to here.

i built this hard, love, with my fierce heart
i refused to let you go, once i realised what we were dear
what love we have become.
they might ask me why a strong man, when i could have asked for less
but i’ll say i wanted heart, your strong heart that loved me best.
we work so hard to make a life but the love is big enough
and that’s why it is so hard at times because the love is much too much

it took so long to learn surrender, my truth, but i learn it from your arms.