A Collection Of Stanzas

i want to cry forever
until my tears are dry
i want to cry forever
until i’m washed away
i want to cry forever
until my skin is pale
through and through
til there is nothing of me

how precious is grief
like a numb and sting
all at once and over again
how quiet is the pain
though my heart is loud inside my skin
my words fall into silence
and i hold on fast to them

i don’t need you to argue for me tonight
not with me, yourself or any other ghosts
oh let angry words put down their curses
and weapons aim their sights away
let rain wash all things clean again
oh what other good is there for a storm tonight?

have mercy with your words tonight
in your arms tonight
for the sake of our love and my hurt tonight
don’t break me, have mercy tonight
i break and i boil and live a little
where you are even when you’re far

love has a way through valleys and rises
there must be a way of peace through all of this
for all i’ve done wrong
all that’s pulled apart
all injustice decried

if you’re torn all to pieces
i can mend a broken heart