So people + people = mess. Doesn’t matter if you’re the messy one or they are, sooner or later things are gonna get messy. Might be you splattering your mess onto other folk, or them other folk getting all messy on you. Sometimes, you just be walking down the street and you end up right in the middle of some sticky mess that you don’t know where the who or how it came from. Sure thing is, life is messy and people are gonna guarantee you that.

Seems to be that how you deal with the messiness, regardless of where it came from and especially being your own, is what can sum you up as a person. You can be virtuous as all of heaven, but if you ain’t wise in the sticky times, ain’t no one gonna put much stake in your virtue. Sometimes heroic is just plain ol’sticky covered in dirt, helping someone else wade through the muck, or being brave enough to keep on going when you’re up the eyeballs in your own shinouzen.

End of days, I’ll just be satisfied to hear two things. The Good Lord saying “you did okay by me, little one” and some brother or sister on this earth left behind to say whenever they were in the middle of stickiness they found me right alongside with’em, and that I managed to keep a clear head whenever I was myself stuck in the mess of it.