Album Name: And A Good Digestion
Band Name: Guglielmo Ratcliff

Hahaha, ok, the album actually isn’t out yet – but that was today’s meme from Marko.

You can play along like this….
here are the rules:

1. Band Name: Random Wikipeda Link
2. Album Title: Random quote generator (take the last four words from the first quote on the page)
3. Album Art: Flickr Interesting Photo (pick one)

Put yours in the comments section.. and I tag Sam Harvey, Rich Johnson, Etno and Danielle. Have fun!

A few been and seen basics – having been in Wellington last week, I have the final version of the message I shared to post, as well as a few other rambling thoughts. Mostly this week has been about work .. oh, yeah, and a birthday. I’m now officially getting ancient. Watched the movie “An Accidental Husband” on dvd this week – it was cute even though I don’t really like Uma in anything but Kill Bill.

Birthday Celebrations
Some great friends put together a cool day of european picnics, italian food, party games and then surprise drinks with a gathering of nearest and dearest at the beloved Corner Store. A great day.

Thoughts On Birthdays
This time last year I was in San Diego with the beloved O’s, Freeses and Co. We had mexican food and played Freestreicher volleyball. This year I celebrated at home, sharing lots of food and drink with family and friends, and loads of Facebook messages. I revised my New Years list (it runs from January 1 to November 6 every year) and I don’t feel I’ve done too bad. Everything but one is accomplished. I like the little respite of November and December to come up with the list for the coming year… suggestions are welcome!