Fuzz Kitto recently wrote this piece which talks about Trust.

“Trust is essential for relationships and communities. It is essential for ministry and mission. It is essential for families systems and organisations. One of the root causes for mistrust is that so many of us don’t trust ourselves! We say we will do things and then the stress pressures and struggles mean we don’t get around to doing it or doing it to a level that we are satisfied with. With this has come increased expectations on people’s lives (look at sporting identities and the codes they must now live under. We have such increased expectations on productivity. Put lack of self trust with these expectations and we have a mixture that causes ill health – mental and emotional – and I would like to suggest spiritual health.”

Yesterday was a great opportunity to sit and share some time and space with Fuzz Kitto, forming what I hope will be a new and sustainable friendship. Yay.

He recommends Steven Covey Jr. and his work “The Speed of Trust” which also features on Marko’s blog at the moment. Just in case you were thinking about Christmas.