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Build a Strong Bridge
The first Turkish proverb I remember hearing was in a gathering of people who were concerned about human rights and religious freedom in Turkey. Too many stories of churches being padlocked shut and leaders being detained caused us to question what we heard from the upper echelons of the government or from the headlines in the acceptable newspapers.

One amazing young Turkish woman was there who spoke with dignity and grace. She spoke slowly and what she said was all the more poignant for the speed of delivery.

“When truth is heavy, you must first build a strong bridge.”

She spoke of many other things, but that phrase has stayed with me.
Think about it. Sometimes there are truths we do not want to convey, or to take delivery of. Speaking truth can be awkward. There can be risks involved. So could be the testimony of many a prophet or medicine man.

My warning then is, not that we avoid speaking truth, but that we build strong bridges.