I Need Some Strong Arms
Some strong arms and present hands. I’m wanting to be comforted within proximity, in that special human song called Presence. All thoughts and thinking aside.. the cacophony inside my head longs for the silence of skin engaged with skin, pulses meeting underneath soft cocoons of nerves. Reminding me (and us) of the belonging and healing that comes within arms and hands and bodies.

I need the smell of another body close enough to encounter my scent, so that I’m primal & basic again. I need all my senses alive once more. Enclosed within strong arms, I need to rest my head against another heartbeat and be buffered from the world. Just long enough to embrace and breathe another person in.

I live in my body from the toes up, grounded in the earth and connected to the air, but I do not live on air alone. Too many days have passed since I connected, singing with my body. There are some songs that can only be sung with skin. Being Present makes me simpler, somehow. When my heart is racing, it is easier to match it to the beat of another until I find my breath . When I am crawling out of my skin, your skin helps stitch me up again.

Maybe it’s a dance. It could be a waltz or a tango, but it’s close enough to drown out everything else and make me clear again.