Slant33: Solitude & Rest

Earlier in the year, Marko asked me to come onboard as a contributor for Slant33. The key idea is to ask a range of pertinent, insightful and thought-provoking questions (one a week) with three different voices offering their answer for discussion and commentary.

I jumped at the opportunity as I really trust Marko’s insight as a thinker and leader to help facilitate the process and range of both questions and perspectives, but also because I love the idea of a column that offers so much engagement and depth in one sitting. Even as a contributor – waiting to see what people are going to say, how it differs from your own, what it adds.. it’s really a fun and stretching process. Here’s my first contribution answering the question, “in what practical ways do you find solitude and rest?”

I’d love you to have a read and offer your thoughts and comments on the site – I promise your voice will enrich the conversation!

Here’s an excerpt:

Expectations need to be managed. The people pleaser in me rushes to the surface when an unrealistic deadline or expectation is placed on me. (Trust me, I never create unrealistic expectations for myself ;-), right?) We have to learn to practically address what robs us of rest and healthy functioning. In the first year of my internship, I was asked to do 6-10 hours but did nearly 20 hours every week to meet the unspoken expectations. Setting a healthy pace for myself also results in a healthy pace for my ministry, my volunteers, and my students.

Then, I need to make the most of the rest breaks. I find my creativity is at a high in the morning as much as I like to reflect on the day before as sleep brings perspective and insight. First I like to clear the decks, making lists of all the compartments, any practical solutions or actions I need to take to problem solve or move a project forward. Once my head is clear, then taking a walk. Either leaving the phone behind or turning it off helps. Energizing my creativity benefits my whole day.


What do you think?

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