A few weeks ago I noticed a spike in general search engines for my name. That’s why I love reporting features. But to keep me honest, I make sure that it’s public and people can see it for themselves. This is not a vastly popular blog, although i know a few lurkers that hang around.

But I figured out a possible reason when I was in Sydney. My friend Adam asked me to write a very short piece for a new ministry book that was being published by Relevant. I sent it off, not that happy with it – frustrated by word count and timeframe! And then I heard nothing else. So I kinda figured it probably didn’t make the cut.

Whoops. Actually, when I arrived at Mark & Vickie’s place, I saw the latest edition on the counter and picked it up. The only previous copy I’ve seen was Issue #1, online edition only.

It was pretty funny to see my name in print there, and to re-read the article. It’s in Issue #2 of Neue Quarterly. I’m going to have to go subscribe now.

All that being said, whilst I’m working on book material consistently (still trying to find something original to say), and I’ve seen my byline in newsprint for work several times – to have even an article published in the Christian sector is actually cool for me.

And it makes entertaining fun for my friends and I, as I wait for celebrity to overtake. (Total humour, just joking. I promise.) Like here. Stu’s having a laugh – but actually, he probably has more right to write (sic) than I do. But hey… I’m cute.

In Other Details..
I make stuff for people – clients and myself. Usually there are other people involved ‘on the tools’ but for your perusement .. here are some recent works..

made by brendan smith, concept tash mcgill, photos & words tash mcgill, for eastercamp08

And now, back to regularly scheduled programming.