listen my children and grandchildren
listen to the cry of our ancestors
who travelled in their mighty canoes
over windy seas under the gaze of the moon
listen to their cry, their song, their prayer
to God our Father, who has given us his treasure

whakarongona = listen
tamariki = children
mokopuna = grandchildren
tupuna = ancestors
aue = cry
wakanui = canoe
hau moana = windy sea
waiata = song
karakia = prayer
taonga = treasure

My Treasures.
I have some women in my life who are wise women. They are like me, medicine people. They are teachers, healers, helpers, lovers, artists, writers, mothers. They weave stories and bring people together. They are marked with this waiata – this song, that echoes when people meet with them or know them. They are treasures and I kneel at their feet because they have so much to teach me. I find kindness and kinship at their feet. They make my heart take flight in song.

how beautiful are they
how beautiful are they
the feet of those who travel
they journey distant lands
they traverse weary hearts
they weave their stories of light

how beautiful, how radiant
those hearts under the light
of Father-in-the-Sky
who sends his Treasures, in light
so they may tell their stories bright

my treasure weaves her stories well
through my heart and life so i know
and see the starlight of Father-in-the-Sky
I kneel at her feet, this precious one
to hear the voice of one who lives
so much in the light, under the light, always in the light.

there is no sadness that overwhelms
there is no bitterness that quenches truth
there is no darkness that can stand in the light of my treasure
what precious, endless worth
for you, my treasure

how beautiful are they
how beautiful are they
those who weave their stories of light
and make a way, they make a way
also for me, i follow on to