At 30,000ft

at thirty thousand feet clear skies open
it clarifies my head and heart again
and lately when i’m stuck up here
i keep thinking of you, what you’re up to
twenty six days and thirty two
of these airborne hours to go

i’m so far east and west of you
it crystallizes everything i knew
spirit in me calling for you
i wrote you a good letter, told you truth
‘cept i didn’t know how true it was
til i got home to you

that i am blessed, blessed
i confess that i am beyond my portion
my cup overflows

Christmas And New Year Celebrations
Christmas week went by in a blur of activity and preparations, church productions, rehearsals and gatherings. There were swimming nights by the pool for music team end of year, late night gatherings for spas and drinks at my place, last minute rehearsals, shopping and busyness. There was lots of working that all needed to get done in the last few minutes before the year broke it’s back on Dec 24th. It’s such a hectic and ridiculous pace of life before everything pauses as if the world stops turning for a moment. Where were the rhythms of life that I was so desperately needing?

So… here are the highlights of the last two weeks.. in no apparent order..

seeing the production come together with an incredibly talented bunch of people that all took personal ownership for various bits and pieces and showcased themselves as a really great team. they didn’t even need me on the final night!

creating traditions with a team of musicians that love one another well. even if those traditions do include throwing people in the pool. sharing wise and encouraging words with one another. feeling completely immersed in a deep deep love with these wonder-full people.

admitting that i’ve always had a thing for cowboys and seeing all the band dressed up with hats and moustaches included for the show.

giving Luke the perfect Christmas gift, a little drum of his own to beat.

talking to roni, uncle john & aunt val and my darling Danielle on Christmas Day.

missing my community desperately on Christmas Eve and relishing how much we’ve grown together that I could feel that way!

driving up north and watching the sunset as I travelled over the Brynderwyn hills on Christmas Day, enjoying being alone, being with God and anticipating days spent under summer skies with dear friends.

the joy of communal living – preparaing meals, doing dishes, eating, sleeping, resting, laughing and playing together.

the comfortable ache of loneliness now that it’s all done.

the best christmas gift was perfect because it was so unexpected, so well thought out and speaks to my heart, my head and my ears… dave matthews & tim reynolds live at radio city on dvd… thanks mark. x.

the perfect balance of people, solitude, silence, noise over the days at the beach.
view photos here

laughing, dancing and celebrating the new year.. view photos here.

What’s Next?
Working today and tomorrow, then heading to Soul Survivor where I’m speaking a seminar or two and hanging out with a couple of young guys from church.