Love is deep. The Love is the deepest refuge and safe recluse I know.
My home is in the river.

to you my love
my heart goes swimming on the deep oceans
life in the compassionate way
discontent in your solitude;
observing silences and tragedies
small delicacies and sweet words –
they fall into the ears of young lovers
and my heart swims out to yours,
on the tide with the ebb and the flow
of the rise and fall of your love.
the grandness of a philosophy
of beauty and trust
but my wise old heart lives
under the clouds and weather of
suspicious truth with clarity
in a goblet overflowing, pouring with wine.
i breathe and sigh and wait
knowing the blindness and straight
arrow of desire
wondering what river i will live
and die in for the sake of this
for you, my Love