5.48 PM
A brotherly valentine from my favourite little brother, Luke. Aw shucks. Best friends and little brothers winning me over : 2
Overtly romantic gestures from potential soulmates : 0
Minutes spent smiling anyway : 24 and counting.

5.30 PM
A Valentine! Flowers and a balloon from the most gorgeous 6 year old boy I know.
Sure, his mum bought the flowers, but he carried them and chose the colours.

1.34 PM
Nothing to report and about to leave for a meeting in Penrose. Definitely unlikely to find any valentines there.

12.29 PM
Valentines delivered: 0
Boxes of CDs delivered from australian band Mark The Sky: 1 (CDs = 3)
Number of deliveries currently being counted as Valentines: 1

Nothing else to report.

10.51 AM
Not to limit his creativity just to “made in NZ” care packages, Si just climbed out the kitchen window and around to my office window, whereupon he drew flowers & a V-Day card on the glass with whiteboard markers. Unfortunately we caught him in the act, so it was less of a surprise and more watching a master at work.

10.27 AM
Read blogpost to officemates. Simon says “Oh.. Happy Valentines Tash!”. Is now disappointed that the rest of the world nows he took the cheap and easy option. In other news, Si’s Valentines gift was well received on the other side of the world where it really counts. Made the mother cry, we are very proud.

10.26 AM
Nothing to report, not even from the coffee guy. Huh.

9.50 AM
Nothing to report.

7.10 AM
Wished Happy Valentines to Jayden on our way back to Akld.