There’s a humming in my heart today, a listlessness I can’t shake. It’s been a day of busy meetings and ideas, churning through deadlines and ideas but the whole time there is a soundtrack playing in my head that matches the rhythm of my heart.

Maybe it’s blue skies, maybe it’s the proud sadness of the harbour bridge flags at half-mast for Sir Edmund, maybe it’s the smoky asphalt sticking to the soles of my jandals and the familiar rub of skin delicately peeling from my shoulders.

Maybe it’s the delicious closeness of my favourite season of the year. It could be the impending nuptials of dear friends, perhaps the sense of newness within myself. It could be the slip of the tongue that I’m storing up in my heart, and the word of the Lord that has birthed hope within me again.

Either way… this is the fragrance of summer, isn’t it? The hope and fullness of it all. Gladness, sadness, pain and fragility all in the same breath, all in the same living room.

Colour In The Kingdom
More than thinking about the roles of geography in the coming Kingdom, I’m really fascinated by the role that skin colour plays. I’m fascinated to think about how we communicate and birth a new sense of relationship, value and understanding between groups of people in the context of Eastercamp. Everything that we do still feels not good enough, too tokenistic to be really progressive in creating a celebration of multi-cultural identity.

What even is a multi-cultural identity in the context of kingdom values, kingdom culture, kingdom identity? Do colour barriers, socio-economic barriers (not always the same) simply fade away? Does the Christ of the Gospels unify the ethnic diversity under Roman rule or simply tolerate it within a broader understanding of what’s to come? What’s the Scriptural mandate for celebrating and identifying as part of a people group other than Jew or Gentile?