Which I Think Is A Little Bit Ridiculous

Day Two of Soul Survivor.

There are elements of this place that remind me of Eastercamp a few years ago, while the Working Team were just the hands and feet of the Vision Team. There was a big chasm between the sense of spiritual leadership and practical leadership. Now, we see more and more that the leadership and drive of camp, both heart, soul, spirit and hands comes so much out of the Working Team, and it’s just our language that needs to change. There is a sense that perhaps these guys are still operating on two sides of the coin.

A challenging time to choose my words wisely – Sam said he could see the rats running in the wheel and it’s true, that the brain is working overtime but it’s really important to choose what to talk about here, what to reflect on and what to engage in dialogue over. What things simply to observe and that’s it. Still – tonight was my first real opportunity to talk to SS people – the festival managers Jon & Carol Cummings and Sam. Both the conversations were good – and I had a sense that God was present in the moments.

Reflections – there is a paradigm shift between church camp, youth festival and music festival. I’ve been observing this in the way that leadership and presentation is structured, how the programmes are structured, how the people interact with one another. Here, there is a large emphasis on leadership from the front (flow on from the emphasis on Spiritual Leadership). So in capturing a real festival atmosphere, it’s interesting to observe what I would change or shape in the flow of days and activities.

Reflections – I’m loving being camped with the Baptist Tabernacle kids. It’s awesome to have a tent full of girls at this very moment – talking about faith, life, boys, the festival and so on and so on. It’s making my heart ache to be back hands on with youth ministry. I’m loving the moments over making dinner with my windsor boys. It’s a good good thing.

Seminar – Potentially a nightmare, in a room without windows or ventilation on an overcast and humid summer day. But there was a few punters there who seemed to engage. The hour went quickly. I spoke about focusing on discovering who you are based on your strengths and how that ultimately impacts the community we live in as well as our understanding of God, ourselves and our purpose.