What a week so far. There is plenty of fur flying in lots of directions.

Postive Intent
These are words that I’ve been using regularly but Marko gave me the phrase – in regards to working through conflict and resolution, postive intention. You have to assume positive intent. My positive intent is never to use this blog as a passive-aggressive method of communication.. but nor do I want to feel bullied about it’s content either. My daily observations of life and all things inclusive are the fodder for this blog – not necessarily earthshattering ideas nor are they always right. But, they deserve a forum surely – because where else should they go or be?

So what are the rules of common decency? Even now, I’m talking about something that has happened but in the context of the broader idea – therefore does that make it safe fodder? Other, far more political situations of my daily life I have left well alone… so what is my positive intent?

To Learn and grow from a situation I cannot change.